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Overview and Conceptual Framework

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Southern Wesleyan University NCATE/CAEP Exhibit Space



 Overview and Conceptual Framework  |   Standard 1  |  Standard 2  |  Standard 3  |  Standard 4  |  Standard 5  |  Standard 6  |  IR Addendum SC Standards


General information about Southern Wesleyan University, its Teacher Education Program, and the Conceptual Framework  Institutional Report for Overview and Conceptual Framework (submitted March 7, 2014).



NCATE/CAEP Standard 

Pages from catalogs and other printed documents describing general education, specialty/content studies, and professional studies

2013-14 Southern Wesleyan Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog.pdf

2012-13 Southern Wesleyan Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog.pdf

2011-12 Southern Wesleyan Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog.pdf



Examples of syllabi for professional education courses

Undergraduate Education Syllabi--EDUC 120, EDUC 211, EDUC 300,   EDUC 312, EDUC 318, EDUC 320, EDUC 324, EDUC 325,  EDUC 329, EDUC 336, EDUC 342,  EDUC 366, EDUC 370, EDUC 374, EDUC 376, EDUC 377, EDUC 378, EDUC 401, EDUC 404, EDUC 405, EDUC 415, EDUC 420, EDUC 422, EDUC 424, EDUC 425, EDUC 450, EDUC 462 and 463

MEDCL Syllabi--EDUC 5113, EDUC 5313, EDUC 5263, EDUC 5323, EDUC 5213, EDUC 5273, EDUC 5413, EDUC 5163, EDUC 5363, EDUC 5463

MEDAS Syllabi--EDAS 5123, EDAS 5224, EDAS 5323, EDAS 5343, EDAS 5803, EDAS 5424, EDAS 5523, EDAS 5623, EDAS 5714,  EDAS 5823, EDAS 5906, EDAS 5916

I.5.c. Conceptual Framework

1,5.c Conceptual Framework

Table 1 Performance Assessment System

Table 2 Christian Ethic of Care


Findings of other national accreditation associations related to the preparation of education professionals (e.g., ASHA, NASM, APA, CACREP)

 1.5d. Program Review Chart

 Administration and Supervision: ELCC 03.2013

 Biology SPA-like Report 

 Early Childhood:  NAEYC Report 09.2013  

 Elementary Education:  ACEI Report 03.2013

 English Education: NCTE Report 03.2013

 Math Education: NCTM Report 09.2012

 Physical Education:  NASPE Report 09.2013

 Special Education: CEC Report 02.2014 

 Music:  NASM Commendation


I.5.d Updated institutional program, and faculty information under institutional work space in AIMS


Refer to AIMS for updated information.



Reviewers can contact School of Education representatives below as needed during the review process.


Dr. Sandra McLendon                                     Dr. Mona Thornton
Dean, School of Education                                Associate Dean School of Education
Southern Wesleyan University                           Southern Wesleyan University                      

864-644-5354                                                  864-644-5353

smclendon@swu.edu                                       mthornton@swu.edu  

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